History of Slots

The history of slots is over a century old and dates back to 1887, when Charles Fey devised the first ever slot machine, the Liberty Bell. This was a three reeled slot machine with five symbols on each of the reels. The highest payout came from the combination of the famous symbol of Liberty Bell, after which the machine was named. The other symbols were diamonds, hearts, spades and horseshoes. This slot machine gained popularity not only in Fey’s home state of California where gambling was banned later on, but in other states it became equally famous so much so that Fey was unable to meet demands for slot machine supply.

The slot machine concept was then taken up by other developers to introduce more modified versions of slot machines. In 1891, Sittman and Pitt developed a five–reel 50-payline slot machine for the first time, in which a number of poker combinations was used to determine a payout. This 5-reel slot game became a template for the forthcoming slot machines.

In 1963, the first fully automated slot machine by the name of ‘Money-Honey’ was introduced by Bally manufacturers. This was particularly convenient in that it did not need the assistance of an attendant to perform payouts; rather it could payout around 500 coins itself.

Later on in 1976, the first video slots were introduced. These video slots were modified versions of the original land-based slot machines. Being much less prone to tampering made them famous in casinos all over the world, so much so that after their first introduction to the clubs of Las Vegas, they gained popularity and are even now used there.

The advancement of technology meant that developers were able to introduce an increased number of paylines in slot machine games, so much so that over 50 pay lines were available in many of the slot machines. Some slot machines have done away with paylines altogether and have simply gone with ‘ways to win’, these can now be up to 1,024 ways to win and make it a lucrative and interesting game.

Slot machines take up most of the area of games in a casino and they earn most of the revenue for the clubs and casinos. The introduction of slot machines online has released the space they used to take in clubs and the players can no play many different slots online, earning lucrative points and bonuses and enjoying various themes.

The movie-theme based slots are also very interesting and players demand more graphically rich movie based slot machines having more bonus games and different coin sizes.

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